Convert Your Attic Into A Study Classroom

Are you currently teaching your children from home? Are you thinking of doing a loft conversion in your home? Are you looking for the best ideas to add more space and value to the home? Your attic may be the best place to carry out your home schooling lessons. Here are some of the best loft conversion ideas you should keep in mind.

You should know that converting your loft is one of the easiest and cost-effective way of transforming your home. As a matter of fact, it has become one of the most desirable home improvement projects. Before the loft conversion, most people use the extra space is used to store the overflow possessions. Try these design ideas for the best results.


• Adding Room For The Stairs
When doing a loft conversion, you should make sure that very little space is sacrificed for the staircase. That means the storey below the loft and the space inside it shouldn’t take too much space for a stair case. If possible, you can always stack the new flight of stairs over the existing one. If the space is very tight, you should consider adding a spiral staircase.

• Extra Bathroom

The attic is one of the best places to add a master bedroom. Of course, you should consider making it an en suite room. If there is some extra space, you can always squeeze in a dressing area. If your budget is a bit tough, you should just add the plumbing and leave room for the extra additions later.

• Privacy Needs

You can turn the entire space into a privacy room by adding sliding blinds. If you are considering dormer windows, you should think about adding plantation shutters or pull-down blinds. On the other hand, roof lanterns might not require blinds since there is no worry about the privacy.

• Extra Storage Options

Rather than using the space for overflow storage purposes, you can always create cupboards and make it a good storage area. Of course, this is much preferable than simply boarding up everything. You should consider adding bespoke shelves and other storage units that come in handy for all those extra things in your home. Make sure you maximize the space as much as possible to avoid wastage.


• Good Lighting

To make the space more enticing, you should think about your lighting options. For instance, you can always layer the lighting to create different effects. On the other hand, you can also try directional spots, especially for exposed beams. However, you should conceal the light source to prevent any glare. Other lighting options include wall lights or dimmer switches to provide a good ambiance.

On the other hand, you can always try to bring more natural light by adding more windows in the area. You should try standard roof lights for the best results. Of course, such a design option depends mostly on the purpose you’re considering from the room.

Loft conversions are sought after because of the numerous benefits. It’s a good way to convert old and boring space into something spicy. With these design ideas, you should be on the way to getting some extra space in your home.

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