how to find your own corner in a triangular plaza

Plazas are considered to be some very interesting places to live in. They are modern and very flexible. They can be used for a variety of purposes.

Susan Henderson from gives us some more details about this specific topic. She finds out what the critical components of a successful plaza are

Triangular Plazas: Flexible, outdoor rooms with meaningful uses

Last year I enjoyed thinking of the critical components of a successful plaza: activity, locals, and a third place. Great plazas are hosts to community engagement any time of the day or evening, they attract both locals and tourists, and always have a third place fronting at least one edge of the outdoor room. A recent trip to France provided a study of the unusual triangular plaza, or place. Read more

If you are curious about this interesting topic, another article deals not only with the best plazas, but also with the worst ones.

Mark Byrnes, from makes a double list. On the one hand he talks about the best plazas and, on the other hand, he studies worst plazas, too.

The Best and Worst of the World’s Central Plazas and Squares

As the ‘Occupy’ protests have reminded the world over the last several weeks, central plazas and squares play a crucial role in successful urban areas. When they’re done right, these spaces act as a focal point for the civic and social life of a city, a place where impromptu gatherings, people watching and even, political discourse all naturally intersect. When designed poorly, though, they can act as a black hole, sucking the life out of a city center. Find out more

Still interested in beautiful places to see or visit whenever you have the time?

Watch the following video for relevant information

Undoubtedly, triungulat plazas have something unique to offer. There are several places to find a plaza like that but if you really want a good place in a plaza like that, we let you know there are pioneer square condos for sale.

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