Home Assessment Will Reveal Things That You Didn’t Know About Your Home

You live in a house and you make it your home as you nurture it with love, care and countless memories. However, you can never fully understand your home space. There are lot of areas that you may think as useless.

You may have left certain places just the way they are because you are too busy focusing on other spaces in home. It’s a good time that you should get your home assessment done to explore the knick-knacks of your own house.

Here is a piece of news by NEWS STAFF at news1130.com that may appeal to you about home assessment and its effect on re-sale value:

Home assessment may not affect re-sale value

Posted Jan 3, 2013

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As we told you yesterday, your property assessment is now in the mail. But how much value does it really carry when it comes to buying and selling a home?

The assessment is mainly for homeowners to know where they sit, in terms of equity.

With the Assessment Authority reporting a drop in home values, first-time home buyers will cash in on a much cheaper price. But, Cameron Muir with the BC Real Estate Association says tends to evens out for someone who already has property, as they go from a lower-valued home to another.
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Perks of Getting Home Assessment

You will have a holistic idea of your house, which spaces you can use for storage purposes and which needs your artistic sense. You will be able to manage and organize effectively your things once you have assessed your own house.

The pitfalls and shortcomings of your house will be visible to you more than ever before and you will be provided by the guidelines in how to improve it and maintain it throughout.

Here is an encouraging story by Robert Jones at cbc.ca about home assessment:

‘It blows my mind’: New Maryland newlyweds saw home assessment double

1 year after buying house for $170K couple sees assessment by Service New Brunswick soar to $347K

By Robert Jones
Apr 06, 2017

Service New Brunswick has made a lot of mistakes in its property assessments this year but few as large as the $177,800 clunker it dropped on newlyweds Julie MacLean and Mark Robinson.

“We were shocked,” said MacLean. “We weren’t sure what we were going to do. We couldn’t afford it.”

Following a review this week, Service New Brunswick [SNB] has given the couple’s New Maryland home outside of Fredericton a value of $169,200, less than half the $347,000 assessment they received in the mail four weeks ago.
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Home assessment services are available at reasonable charges. Running a household is different than maintaining and organizing the things in the house. Make room for new things and asses every corner before making a household buying decision.

Watch this video from cityofkitchener to learn how these things actually work:

The Organizing Agency – Home Assesment can help you with professional expertise.

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