How to Propose Your Girlfriend?

We are sure that you have already seen too many proposals in the movies and the TV shows, that you have enough inspiration for the end of life. But in real life, this could be very hard because you have to organize everything perfectly in order to be a memorable moment in your and your girlfriend’s life.

It is up to you how you will propose your girlfriend. The traditional way of proposing would be simply to ask your girlfriend to marry you and to give her a ring. Since it is the most important event in every woman’s life which she will tell over and over again, you have to avoid the traditional way of proposing and do it in a more creative and romantic way.

If you are currently not creative, here are the suggestions in the article below. The Knot has published an article about how to propose marriage.

How to Propose Marriage

In our uncensored survey, real women revealed their wish list for getting engaged. (Guys, this is your cheat sheet to a great marriage proposal.)

Surprise Her
Since your girlfriend probably has her own dream marriage proposal ideas, you may be tempted to ask her for guidance on how to pop the question. Don’t do it. Keep your plans under wraps — she’d much prefer that you come up with a plan, any plan, than ask for her input. The surprise factor is key. Even if you went engagement ring shopping together, or if she’s suspicious that a proposal is imminent, your lady wants to be caught off guard when you get down on one knee. A whopping 90 percent of women say they do not want to be involved in the planning of their engagements (after all, they need to save up all their planning energies for the year of wedding prep that awaits), and only 4 percent dismissed the “surprise factor” as unimportant. Read the full article here.

Here are, even more, proposal ideas for you. The Adonis Zone has published an article about the creative ways of proposing your lady.

How to propose: Marriage proposal ideas

Being in love can be the most mystifying and beautiful experience one encounters in life and that is why the importance of a romantic, memorable marriage proposal becomes very crucial. When the moment comes to pop the life-changing question to the love of your life, you want the experience to be an everlasting one; which lingers in your lover’s mind for years to come. Here are some creative, one-of-a-kind ideas you can use to propose marriage to your lady-love and become equivalent to the romantic holly wood hunks she gushes over.

Flower power: We all know how much girls’ love flowers and can become all teary eyed and emotional when they receive even a single rose. Imagine the elation she will feel if you propose to her using the concept of flowers. You can enlist the help of a friend for this and write the proposal on a flower bed using petals as words. A garden or a private park is ideal for this or you can even take her to a favorite spot. Read the full article here.

There are three crucial things that you have to have in this case and those are courage to propose your girlfriend, a romantic proposal, and an adequate ring! Maybe the ring is the most important thing and because of that, we are suggesting you look this beautiful three stone basket setting round diamonds emerald center engagement ring.

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