Knowing Whether You Have a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

In the Unites States, Hernia repair surgeries are quite common, and an average of half a million surgeries are usually done in a year. As a patient of hernia repair surgery, it ideal that you know all the necessary aspect of your surgery, especially if you had a product implanted during the surgery. It is important so as to determine whether you may need to have a lawsuit. So what is a hernia?

A hernia is a condition that happens when the inner layers of muscle are weakened. The weakening of the muscles will cause the formation of a sac, due to the underlying bulges. There are various types of hernias, let’s have a look at a few.


Abdominal/Ventral a hernia – This kind of a hernia will take place in the abdominal wall.

Incisional Hernia – This will take place in an area where you previously hard an injury or surgery.

Inguinal Hernia – This type will take place in the groin area.

Umbilical Hernia – Happens near the navel

Hiatal Hernia – This kind of a hernia takes place in the region where the stomach meets the esophagus.

These are just a few examples of some of the common types of hernias.

Products used in Hernia Surgical Repairs

Hernias are usually fixed using different techniques, for instance, biological grafts, sutures, and synthetic mesh. There are so many products that can be utilized when it comes to the repair of a hernia. Various firms, for example, Gore Medical, Ethicon, and others, provide the necessary products that are used in surgery. The products can easily be divided into two categories, biologic, and synthetic. Synthetic meshes used in surgery are mainly designed from human-made materials, including composite mesh, polypropylene, and polyester fibers. Biological products are from humans or animals, which are also referred to as human tissue implants.

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When Does one have a Claim Against Hernia Implant?

This implies when the designer or your mesh plays a role in your injury. Similar to other kinds of medical surgeries, hernia repairs don’t have 100% guarantee. Nonetheless, if there is a defective product used and causes injury to you, you may qualify for a lawsuit against the designer of the implant used.  Having the best Nugent attorneys will be a leverage for you.

If you go through a hernia repair surgery, it is important that you are aware of the product that is used as the implant. It will play a huge role strategizing the hernia mesh repair lawsuit. You can inquire from your doctor or surgeon so that they can provide you with a copy of the operative report or any other vital medical report.

Once an injury does occur, you need to have it immediately assessed by a doctor. Once an injury has been observed, it is important that you get in touch with the right attorney to handle your Hernia Mesh Cases. It will ensure you get fully compensated in the end.

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