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IT companies offer its clients a wide range of IT services, which cover most of the business needs of organizations from different fields of business.These services are based on a thorough knowledge of technology platforms, but they are always adjusted to the particular situation on the field.

To ensure that all project tasks were carried out at the maximum effective way with the minimal loss of productivity, you must provide your company with right IT service.

Baympc is company which will provide you with best IT support you need

After years of working on a large number of different projects, BAYMPC has a base of accumulated knowledge that can be applied in any industry.Basic business principles conducting the most of the companies are similar enough that our staff can with the use of previously acquired experiences, accelerate the development of new solutions and to raise their level of confidence.That means that the company has all the capacities needed to perform successfully even the most complex projects.

We offer our clients assistance in the development, implementation, and maintenance of applications, to ensure agreement with organizational needs and objectives, leading to reduced costs, increased productivity and building
trust regardless of the request:business-it-support


*Helping your company in adapting to new needs, modernization, and maintenance


*Create customized solutions for your organization, based on specialized expertise to a wide range of development platforms


*Creating a unique IT continent which covers the entire group, with the reinforcement and modernization exchange of information and documents with external business associates


*Minimizing risk through testing applications development, thus shortening the delivery time


Extending the solutions to improve, upgrade and develop the support system.


IT staff in Baympc company have the practical knowledge necessary for the fulfillment of project tasks.

Most of them have degrees in relevant fields, while key men have certificates of global vendors for solutions which they have to deal with.Each team consists of a combination of experienced and young software engineers to speed up the learning process and provides the most rational use of human resources.

The main objective of our IT company is to help the client to increase the productivity of their employees.

The most important aspects of IT support for most of the clients are:

*Synchronizing IT system with real business processes and plans for the future.

*Raising the general level of quality of the information system of the company.

*Control of long-term maintenance costs of ICT systems.

The only way to provide customer support in carrying out adequate of essential business operations is providing comprehensive services that leave no room for any failure.Therefore, Baympc covers various segments of the informational needs of its customers, including: *Software and hardware support for business systems *Design and implementation of solutions for disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery) *Design and implementation of network infrastructure *Consulting services


*A simpler data management.

*Increasing data security.

*Increasing the level of data availability.

*Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) client costs.

*Support according to the business needs of the client.

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