What is the career of an EMT Paramedic all about?

EMT or an emergency medical technician is a competent professional who is responsible for supplying immediate medical care. EMT is a person who will be the first to react in the cases of emergency. He, or she, will drive an ambulance car to the scene of an emergency, assess the situation and the state of an individual, and provide the adequate first aid care to the people in need. After stabilizing the sufferer, the EMT will transport them to the proper medical center.


As you can probably conclude, EMTs represent the very core of the health care system. They are the first ones to respond in the situations which need immediate medical attention. In that way, they appear as the crucial aspect in preserving lives.

How much money an emergency medical technician makes?

Have you ever wondered how much do EMTs make? It is hard, not to say impossible, to determine the exact amount of salary as it varies from state to state. Earnings of an EMT differ depending on many factors. First of all, it is important where does the EMT work. For example, if a medical technician works in the part of the state with higher costs of living, he (or she) will probably get a higher salary amount. And vice versa, in areas that have lower living costs, technicians will earn less.

Moreover, it is relevant where the technician operates. Most of them are hired by ambulance services, other work within local government, and a smaller number of EMTs earn their salary working in hospitals.

Also, another noteworthy factor is the work experience and working hours.

EMT Responsibilities

You should have in mind what are the EMT Responsibilities as well.

First of all, it is of a pure essence for an EMT to determine whether is the individual sick or injured. An EMT must be able to do this swiftly as sometimes a minute could be a matter of life and death.

Afterward, one of the most important task for an EMT is to assess vital signs of a patient, like the level of consciousness and respiration. The emergency medical technician should also ascertain if there is a pulse, and to pay attention to the skin condition as well. This includes factors such as the skin color, the temperature, and other.

One should also take the SAMPLE history with special attention. SAMPLE is an abbreviation for:

S – Signs and symptoms
A – Allergies
M – Medications
P – Pertinent past medical history
L – Last oral intake
E – Events leading to the injury

It is substantial for an EMT to ensure that the patients are going to be properly moved, with minimal risks for their safety. This includes adequate lifting and moving procedure involving a minimum of two people.


Also, as you can probably conclude, the job of an EMT is stressful, daunting, and physically demanding. If you want to pursue a career of an EMT, you must be mentally and physically prepared to work in this type of the work environment.


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